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Island Hopping Langkawi - Alanona Island Hopping Langkawi - Alanona

Experience Island Hopping, Langkawi

Island Hopping Langkawi - Alanona is probably the most popular boat tour in Langkawi and the standard sharing tour starts at 9.00 in the morning and lasts for 3.5 to 4 hours including hotel transfers (Selected Hotel). It covers three spots that includes wonderful scenic islands to the south of the main island of Langkawi (maiden island & bras basah island).and eagle feeding where you can watch the marvelous spectacle of many eagles swooping down from the sky to catch their prey on the water.

The eagle is hidden somewhere. You don't see them a while ago. But here at Pulau Singa Besar (Big Lion Island), you will meet up with dozens 'Brahminy kite' the name of the species of the eagle on your head. Actually we don't have to feed them, but it is just the only way to call them so you will able to see them.

The whole experience, will feed you dramatic experience being at those islands. We are not sure if you can find proper word to tell people at home about your finding to the island hopping in Langkawi, Malaysia.

So, bring up your family, friends to the islands of legend, Langkawi, Malaysia.

Different boat for different size of group. We have boat for 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, and 20. So, place your reservation now.

The prices for Langkawi Island Hopping with Jet Ski or boat to 3 islands., Langkawi. The price is showing for both sharing and private boat. The rate for child is between 3 to 7 years old.

Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park is one of the 3 geoforest parks in Langkawi Geopark, Malaysia. Among the 3 geoparks, we must say, Dayang Bunting has the most interesting story.

Tasik Dayang Bunting is a fresh-water lake on the island of Dayang Bunting which is part of the Langkawi archipelago (consisting of over 105 islands) in the Andaman Sea. The lake is located in a karstic environment and was most likely formed during as a massive limestone cave collapsed to form a doline. The area is known for its fine Permian marble.

These Dolines are formed by underlying caves or fissures. When the underlying material in the cave is limestone, it can be washed out by water which runs through fissures. After a while the cave becomes larger and unstable, this makes the cave collapse, leaving a depression where once the cave was. Due to natural depressions in the ground water is collected. This water washes out the depression due to chemical processes and makes the depression even deeper. The process is stopped when the washed out material creates a natural barrier on the ground which cannot be washed out further.

As the image shows the lake green color stands in sharp contrast with the turquoise sea. Langkawi was once part of the Gondwana Supercontinent.

Paddel Boat Rentals at Lake of Pregnant Maiden, Pulau Dayang Bunting, Langkawi, Paddle boat can be safely enjoyed by 2 to 3 riders. Our fleet of paddle boats at the lake, is among the best and most fun family activities. The paddle boats are ideal for sightseeing, people watching, exercising, or simply enjoying the lake inside of Pregnant Maiden.

View the beauty of Pulau Beras Basah skyline while you enjoy the excitement of a mild or wild para-sail ride over the ocean. You choose the height!

Customer satisfaction is second only to safety and they has a strong commitment to both. Parasail flies their guests on 800 feet of line, which is the maximum by Federal Aviation Administration specifications. Customers remain in the air approximately 8-10 minutes, offering them a peaceful, tranquil view of the island.

Snorkelling package in Langkawi can be done at Pulau Beras Basah or/and Dayang Bunting Fresh Water Lake and is one of the many activities during island hopping with us, included in your day and is one of the best ways to view the incredible underwater world of Pulau Beras Basah. But this activities is not good enough for professional divers and snorkeler when they have higher expectation.

Snorkelling in Langkawi is great fun, easy to learn and an ideal way to build up confidence in the water. It is accessible to anyone - young or old - and is an enjoyable way to get the whole family involved.

For younger members of the family, snorkelling is also a great introduction to underwater sports and can be their first step towards learning to dive.

Bring your own gear or rent it from us at RM15 per set. Kindly get the gears from the boatman BEFORE the boat take off.

The Banana Boat ride could be the best ride for your buck on the beach. It delivers the thrill of a jetski with a little more padding. The Banana Boat ride is definitely the activity you don't want to miss out on. Jump on our six person inflatable boat and have more fun than you ever imagined.

This ride will give you all the speed, thrills and wet excitement you can handle. The inflatable 'banana' raft seats up to six people and is pulled along the water behind a powerful Jet Ski.

Mix up your fun with a banana boat ride! Grab your friends and family, strap on your life jackets and get ready to smile, laugh and enjoy the wave-splashing adventure you worked for all year!

Eagle Feeding is one of the main attraction in Langkawi, and the best place to those eagles being fed is within this experience. Langkawi Island Hopping with Jet Ski or boat to 3 islands. with Ana offers the best eagle feeding where you will be able to experience 20-40 eagles flying in sky and waiting the foods from the boatman. Eagle feeding will be your wonderful experience at Pulau Singa Besar. Eagle feeding is started with a boat trip from a jetty at Teluk Baru to Pulau Singa Besar, Langkawi.